About me

Name: Miriam

Nick: Mimi

Age: 16

Country: Spain

City: Murcia

Heigh: 1'66 m

Weight: 60 kg

Blood Type: 0+

Ocupation: Student of Bachiller

Zodiac: Geminis

Family: Mother, father and one mini brother

Hobbys: Sing, dance, draw, manga & anime, Harajuku fashion, Kpop, ...

Love: Japan, Corea, music, fashion, photography, ...

Favourite music: Kpop, Rock, pop, ...

Favourite magazines: Popsister, Popteen, Kera, Soul Sister, egg, ...                                               

Favourite films: Gamer, Studios Ghibli in general, ...





BIRTHDAY: June 7, 1995
AGE: 17
Zombies in general ( films, comics, books,...), Games, cute animals (Toby), beach, watching videos in youtube (tutorial, funny videos, vlogs, ...), fashion blogs, ...
DISLIKES: Winter, cold, disorganization, ...
CAMERA: of my mobile xD
EDITING: photoscape, gimp2, photoshop CS5, ...




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